Over the Ball Soccer Podcast: Celebrating the World's Game from an American Perspective

Celebrating the World's game from an American perspective

Football for the World Foundation Executive Director and American Outlaws Managing Director, Monica Bosiljevac talks altruism, footy fandom, and the global need for soccer equipment.

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Over the Ball Soccer Podcast : Kevin Flynn and Dave Gallego

#247 – Monica Bosiljevac, Executive Director of Football for the World Foundation and Managing Director American Outlaws Discusses Soccer Altruism, Footy Fandom, and the Global Need for Youth Equipment.

Impressive. Inspiring. Passionate. Words that capture the personality and drive of ex University of Nebraska soccer player turned uber philanthropist Monica Bosiljevac. Monica’s journey from college soccer to an eye-opening trip in Botswana revealed the global demand for sports equipment among kids. With a passion for sports ignited early in her life, Monica excelled in soccer and softball, ultimately choosing to pursue soccer competitively. Transitioning to Division I soccer at the University of Nebraska-Omaha, she balanced athletics with studies in marketing and management. Her passion for marketing, fundraising, and ticketing for global charities paved her way to an MBA. She co-founded Football For The World Foundation to empower children through soccer, where her altruism shines through as she provides hope and resources for kids aspiring to achieve through the beautiful game. She also became American Outlaws Managing Director where she drives fan support and USWNT and USMNT attendance at matches globally. Join us on the Over the Ball Podcast as we delve into Monica’s remarkable journey from local fields to impacting lives globally through soccer. Her story embodies how sports can be a catalyst for change and empowerment in both games and life pursuits.

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