The World's game from an American perspective

Love soccer? Join the Conversation

Kevin and Dave Sit Down with…well, Kevin Flynn himself, to talk about his pro soccer career, TV commentating, his one-man show, comedy, and acting

Hey there! In this episode of Over the Ball, our hosts and soccer fanatics Kevin Flynn and Dave Gallego get into all things soccer. They dive into the great ‘soccer’ versus ‘football’ debate, and guess what? Dave surprises Kevin by putting him on the hot seat and grilling him about his pro soccer career, his hilarious experiences at the Nantucket Comedy Festival, and his gig as a comedian, actor, and soccer TV analyst. Kevin, being the storyteller he is, spills the beans about playing in the MISL, going toe-to-toe with Pele, and his wild soccer journey before the MLS explosion. Oh, and of course, they give us a sneak peek of their upcoming interview with the one and only Juan Guerra, the coach of the USL champion Phoenix Rising. You don’t want to miss it!

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