Over the Ball Soccer Podcast: Celebrating the World's Game from an American Perspective

Celebrating the World's game from an American perspective

ESPN's Senior Soccer Writer Jeff Carlisle

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Over the Ball Soccer Podcast : Kevin Flynn and Dave Gallego

#244 – Seasoned ESPN soccer analyst Jeff Carlisle joins Kevin and Dave to discuss the recent USMNT performances, MLS referee contracts talks, and soccer’s soaring popularity in the states.

From the NCAA to the MLS, from the Premier League to the World Cup, Jeff Carlisle brings his insider insights to the table, shedding light on the US Men’s National Team (USMNT), the intricacies of the MLS Referees contract, and the soaring popularity of soccer in the USA. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or a casual observer, this episode promises to be a riveting exploration of the world’s game as the crew dissects the latest news, controversies, sensational plays, and standout moments of the USMNT performances this last week, including the two seemingly different teams that took the pitch in the Jamaica and Mexico games respectively. Jeff, Kevin, and Dave review the team’s performance in the tournament, including their disappointing performance against Jamaica, followed by their bounce-back win over Mexico. They also discuss coaching decisions and the future of the team. Overall, they agree that the team has talent but still has a lot to prove. They also touch on the upcoming tournaments and players to watch. Their lively conversation covers various topics related to the US national team, including the depth and talent of the team, attendance levels and venue choices, challenges of scheduling competitive friendlies, the decline of the Mexican national team, the refereeing situation in MLS, changes to the US Open Cup, and factors contributing to the popularity of soccer.

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