Over the Ball Soccer Podcast: Celebrating the World's Game from an American Perspective

Celebrating the World's game from an American perspective

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Over the Ball Soccer Podcast : Kevin Flynn and Dave Gallego

Join 1994 World Cup Superstar and Fox Broadcaster “Gigante Rojo” Alexi Lalas on OTB discuss his career in soccer, his transition to broadcasting, and the growth of American soccer.

Get ready for some fun and engaging banter as “Gigante Rojo”, better known as the former USMNT stand-out and witty Fox on-air talent Alexi Lalas, join the boys at OTB. They dive into Lalas’ impressive soccer career, his transition to broadcasting, and the ever-growing American soccer scene. Kevin and Dave skillfully coax Lalas into discussing the importance of candor and expressing opinions in soccer broadcasting, all while sharing amusing anecdotes from his world stage experiences. Prepare for a hilarious twist as Lalas reveals his secret passion for making music and the therapeutic power it holds. Not forgetting the impactful 1994 World Cup, they discuss soccer’s transformation in the US, Lalas’ possible venture into politics, and his deep love for the country. Tune in for some exciting takeaways and a memorable outro!

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