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USMNT gets “butts kicked”, Saudi Arabia awaits, U Mass’ alumni game, soldiers turned soccer players, boots & cleats, referee mobbing, US Soccer’s new CEO, and undefeated LMU

Kevin and Chris discuss USMNT’s Tough Loss to Japan, praise Japan’s performance, while dissecting USMNT’s lackluster efforts. Is this what we should expect from Team USA? The boys dive into Berhalter’s coaching strategies, anticipate the game against Saudi Arabia, and lament the timing of the World Cup in November. Kevin returns to U Mass for his alumni game, celebrate soldiers’ success as players, critique kangaroo boots vs. modern cleats, express their disgust for referee mobbing, welcome U.S. Soccer’s new CEO, JT Batson, and revel in LMU’s undefeated season. Another full week on the pitch for OTB.

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